Linux | Python | Automation | DevOps | Security | Coaching

Advanced skills in managing Linux systems (Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu) and developing Python software from scripts to webapplications to automate various systems and software management tasks. I love working with open source software such as Linux and Python. Currently maintaining 20+ Debian and Ubuntu servers, and desktop machines.
Extensive experience in various IT domains and management such as project management, operations management, team and service management.
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In a nutshell: analytical mindset, strategic thinker, creative problem solver, coach, structuring and organizing, sharing knowledge.

Things I like

  • Linux
  • Python
  • Automation
  • DevOps
  • Security
  • Open source technology
  • Cloud
  • Infrastructure and webrelated technology
  • Coaching
  • Strategy / Strategic plans / The big picture
  • Process analysis
  • Analysing problems
  • Solving them creatively
  • Data analysis
  • Gathering and sharing knowledge

Relevant experience
  • 17 years in Linux
  • 22 years in Development of which 14 years in Python Development
  • 12 years in IT, Operations management and Team management

Technical Skills

Development - Toolset

  • Good - thorough knowledge
  • Python
  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Ansible
  • Azure Devops CI/CD
  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure CLI
  • VMware
  • Docker
  • LXC containers
  • uwsgi
  • gunicorn
  • nginx
  • git
  • pip
  • virtualenv
  • unittest/pytest
  • Below average - average knowledge
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • vim
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C++
  • Php
  • Django
  • Flask
  • SQLAlchemy
  • Jenkins
  • Memcached
  • RabbitMQ
  • Celery
  • fastcgi
  • Apache
  • fabric
  • JQuery
  • Zabbix
  • PRTG

Development - Software I've developed

  • Azure Automation scripts (Python/Linux)
  • Ticket management system (Python/Django/Linux)
  • Content management software (Java/JSP)
  • Secure medical application for task management (Java)
  • Document template system (Python/Django/Linux)
  • Interfacing ERP system with online accountancy webapp via REST (Python/Linux)
  • Reporting software (Python/Flask/Django/Linux)
  • Financial software (C++/MFC)
  • Speech SDK demo's (C++/MFC)
  • SDK test software (C++/MFC)
  • Azure script GUI (Python)
  • Flask REST API (Python/Flask/Linux)
  • Interactive websites (Python/Django/Flask/Javscript)
  • Administrative software (Python/wxPython)
  • Patient evaluation tools (Python/Django/Linux)
  • Tool Dashboard (Python/Django/Linux)
  • System en server management software (Python/Linux)
  • Mail management suite (Python/Linux)
  • Data governance tools (Python)
  • Small games (Python/Pygame)

System management - Servers

  • Debian GNU/linux user since 2002. Used Redhat, Suse and other distro's
  • Mail servers with imap, antispam, antivirus, filtering and and webmail
  • Webservers
  • LDAP and samba server
  • Virtualisation hosts with containers such as uml, vserver, lxc, kvm
  • Staging and production servers
  • Databaseservers
  • Web and package proxy
  • Git repository server
  • Local pypi server
  • DNS servers
  • Owncloud
  • Azure Local Agent build servers

System management - Software

  • Scripting: python, bash, perl
  • System management: ssh, screen
  • Mail: postfix, dovecot, roundcube, clamav, spamassasin, sieve, exim
  • Backup: tar, cpio, rsync, duply/duplicity, veeam
  • Firewall: iptables, shorewall, checkpoint, nftables
  • Virtualisation: uml, vserver, lxc containers, kvm, vmware, virtualbox
  • Databases: postgresql, mysql, sqlite
  • Package management: checkinstall, alien, source
  • Webservers: nginx, apache
  • Storage: lvm, raid, btrfs
  • Account/file: ldap, samba
  • Security: cryptsetup, gnupg
  • Servicedesk: otrs, trac, roundup issue tracker
  • Networking/HA: bridge, tap/tun, tinc, glusterfs (started)
  • Custom Kernel compilation
  • Remote management: ansible, tightvnc, x2go

Management Skills

  • Strategy: develop a strategic short and long term vision
  • Effective communication to peers and management
  • Analysis and problem detection
  • Business and process analysis, linking business and IT
  • People management, coaching
  • Project management, planning
  • Budget and supplier management
  • Management reporting and data analysis
  • Knowledge and competence management
  • Document processes and software
  • Service management
  • Training and coaching



Porteman & Stroobant

Development of a financial software in C++/Visual C++ (MFC).

Teamleader Development Support

Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products

Team management and coaching, set-up of a plan to increase revenue. Set-up of a certification program for SDK's, communication and analysis on the quality of the SDK's. Set-up of the Singapore support centre. Assist customers in integrating speech technology in their software. Management of the Solaris system. Started using Redhat, Suse and finally Debian. Development in C/C++/MFC.

ICT Manager

Eclair Prym

Team management and coaching, server- and network administration, project management, budgeting, analysis, hardware, Single point of contact for internal users, statistics and reporting.


Winsome Benelux

Analysis and design of web applications in Java, jsp and asp, development of a content management system. Secure Java client server tool for Healthcare. Related project management. Support for the applications and installation of the web apps on Linux and Windows.

System Engineer

Sint-Jozefs hospital Izegem

Administration of the servers: back-up and restore, install new hardware, SPOC for all IT related problems. Development of tools and software in Python and Django. Setup of Debian servers for the staging and production of the software. Follow up of .NET software. Report on statistics and budget for the management. Training.

ICT Manager


IT management. Further expansion of the IT services with an overall strategy to support the business. Project management and planning. Development in Python and Django of several management tools for system administration, AD, mailbox. Ticket system for IT and Facilities management, automatic creation of online accountancy files with REST services to communicate with the ERP system, document template system, internal dashboard for tools, back-up and restore tool for archiving files, tools to check the policies. Setup of Debian servers for the staging and production of the Python/Django software.

ICT Manager


Develop a strategic vision for modernising the IT with efficiency, increased reliability in mind. Setup of OTRS ticket system on Debian. Projects management for Cloud migration, OS migration, network infrastructure, Office 365 migration, mobile device management, contracts and company policy.

ICT Force - owner

Independent ICT consultant - Linux, Python, IT management, Project management, Operations and Team management. Currently maintaining 18 Debian servers.

Operations Manager

Lebon IT Services NV

Management of the daily operations. Team management. Creating strategic plans to manage the operations. Project management, knowledge and education management. ITIL service management using an OTRS ticket system on Debian servers for test and production with a continuous cycle of improvement. Development of Python scripts to manage the Debian Linux systems.

DevOps & IoT Engineer

Renson Ventilation & Sun protection

Linux system administration (server and end user machines), Python, automation, Azure cloud, ... Integration and continuous management of the Linux systems, integration into the mainly Microsoft network. Build and release cycles from Azure DevOps, Jenkins, docker, Azure CLI. Coding on the IoT data input side.


  • 1997 - Bachelor in Applied informatics (honors)
  • 2013 - ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

Bachelor in Applied informatics (honors)

Hogeschool Gent

First development job

First management role

Started using Debian GNU/Linux

First Python software written

ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management