Terms and conditions Content

The legally binding version is the Dutch version. The translations are merely added as a convenience.

Article 1

The invoice must be paid within eight calendar days after the invoice date. Payments after this period, by law, allows and generates an interest of 10% of the invoice amount, as well as (equally legally and without notice) a lump sum compensation of 10 % on the invoice amount (with a minimum of € 25) as damages.

Article 2

Any order implies acceptance of our terms and conditions by the customer.

Article 3

In the event of litigation, only the court of the canton or the courts of the district of our company headquarters jurisdiction unless the law requires otherwise.

Article 4

If the customer terminates the contract or cancellation or if the agreement by his actions can not take place, a compensation is due to us amounting to 20% of the total amount of the order. If we terminate or cancel the contract or if the agreement is broken by us, the customer is insofar as it is a consumer, entitled to equal pay, from us, except when it comes to force majeure. Then the customer isn't entitled to this compensation.

Article 5

In all circumstances, such as cost-increasing raw material price increases, additional cost of man hours, additional work, the total may be higher than in the original quotation was provided.

Article 6

The validity date is always indicated on the offer so the tender after this date is null and void.

Article 7

Delivery deadlines of materials are given only as information but are not binding. Delay can in no case give rise to damages or rescission of the contract. Goods remain the property of the company until the total amount has been paid.

Article 8

Complaints must be reported within 7 calendar days and this by mail or registered letter. Thereafter it is assumed that everything was done properly or delivered. If it is about goods, they have to be sent back within the 8 calendar days.