Clearing a windows password using an Ubuntu live cd

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First, you need to download an Ubuntu livecd iso file. Write the iso file to a cd or usb drive. In any case, make sure the target system can boot from the medium you are writing your iso file to.

If you use Ubuntu, Ubuntu will mount the Windows drive for you. Ubuntu will add the windows drive to the left pane. If it doesn't, you might try to manually mount the system. You need ntfs-3g for this.

Open up a terminal:

mkdir /mnt/windows
ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows –o force
cd /mnt/windows/Windows/System32/config

This assumes /dev/sda1 is the Windows drive. As mentioned, you shouldn't be doing this as Ubuntu is smart enough to mount the system

From the graphical interface, you will need to enable the multiverse to find chpwnt. Go to the system settings.

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Choose Software & Updates

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Enable the community-maintained free and opensource software. Close and choose to reload when prompted.

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Now start a terminal to install chntpw or do this via the graphical installer. Go to the top left, click it, and type 'terminal'. Click on terminal.

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sudo apt-get install chntpw

After installing chntpw, from the terminal, navigate to the mounted windows drive.

cd /media/ubuntu//Windows/System32/config

The hive (sam file) might be SAM or sam, find out:

 ls -la
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View users:

chntpw -l SAM

Select a user id from that list:

chntpw -u 'username/id' SAM

From the resulting menu, choose 1 to delete the password, and 2 to unlock the account. Exit with q, and save the hive.

Reboot the system into windows.